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Our mission.

Euveris Aerospace is the unbiased platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge within the aerospace industry. We bring together renowned aerospace companies from all over the world and link them with prestigious international and national regulatory authorities, associations, suppliers, and partners.

We focus solely on the aerospace industry and, therefore, possess unique expertise in this field and a well-maintained network. That way, we create an exclusive benefit for all participants along the entire aerospace value chain.

Our Passion

We are proud to be an independent owner-operated company that continually evaluates the latest industry findings for our customers.

We are passionate about the fact that technological innovations in the aerospace sector push the limits of what is possible further – towards a sustainable future for the well-being of us all. As the knowledge supplier to the aerospace industry, we advance this development.

In first-class conferences and congresses, we convey our thorough know-how, our decades of experience, and valuable contacts. Thus, we are helping our customers to succeed in the competition for new markets and ever-expanding progress.

As the platform for professional exchange about seminal innovation, disruptive technologies, and the smart implementation of regulations, we support our customers’ expansion, success, and security.

We offer the aerospace specialists a global knowledge network and create the basis for excellent results and professional success.

That way, we make a sustainable contribution to quality and innovation throughout the entire aerospace industry.

Your benefits through Euveris Aerospace

Discover the future with us! Experience new ideas arise at our events!

At Euveris Aerospace’s conferences and congresses, you are going to receive fundamental knowledge that will give your company a qualitative and quantitative advantage.

Learn from industry luminaries how to master and develop the latest technological innovations and disruptive technologies, helping your business to prepare strategically for future challenges today.

Be a part of an exclusive knowledge community that repeatedly pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Our events will be an unforgettable experience

Do you want to expand your network and exchange experiences? Deepen your expertise in dialogue with peers? Create added value from which everyone benefits? Our conferences and congresses offer you the ideal opportunity to do so.

Our events are interactive experiences – supported by the latest technology and produced for successful networking. You will participate in:

  • goal-orientated networking sessions
  • multimedia panel discussions
  • multifaceted roundtables and world cafes
  • interactive speeches
  • practical workshops

We provide you with presentations of all lectures at the beginning of the event – free of charges and in an approved form.

An evening event in an exclusive location completes the daily program, offers additional opportunities for conversation, and helps you to get to know each other better in a convivial round.

Both during the day and in the evening, our program offers numerous opportunities for insightful discussions. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will meet the most relevant contacts and engage in conversations with them, giving you the chance to converse effectively and purposefully about compelling topics.

By using state-of-the-art event technology, we ensure a smooth and harmonious process – at all times. The Euveris Aerospace team will support you during the entire event. Your personal Euveris Aerospace contact is going to answer all of your questions.

All events take place in selected hotels and offer you all the amenities needed for high-level exchanges. Furthermore, we choose attractive metropolises for our venues that offer not only good transport connections but also allow sector-relevant excursions and site visits.

Health information regarding our event

We care about the health and safety of all guests, speakers, sponsors, local partners, and colleagues at our events. We continuously monitor current developments regarding the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19) and follow the recommendations of local governments and health authorities, including the CDC, WHO and the Institute Pasteur.
Health authorities are currently recommending that people can travel freely, but should take any signs of infection seriously. We are also in close contact with all our venues. We are therefore pleased to welcome you to our events this year further on.
If your organization is currently banning the travel of its employees, or it might do so in the near future, you can still comfortably participate in our events via the high-quality streaming tools we will offer.
In this way, you can still acquire the relevant timely knowledge we provide at the comfort of your home or office.
For further questions please contact us under or by phone under +49 (0)30 20 671 5 676.


Become a Euveris Aerospace Partner

Be part of an exclusive circle in which your future customers share their needs, challenges, and questions.

At our events, you will join a passionate community of high-level decision-makers, strategists, and specialists from all over the industry.

As our partner, you will support the Aerospace professionals in optimizing their future undertakings. We, on the other hand, will offer you a platform to deepen the trust of your potential customers in your expertise.

Why Euveris?

All advantages at a glance:

Full focus on the aerospace and space industry and, therefore, unique expertise in these fields

Exclusive international networking with speakers and participants from the entire value chain and a wide range of institutions – not only including aerospace businesses but also all relevant regulatory authorities and associations

Euveris Aerospace’s impartiality as a platform for knowledge transfer

First-class programs developed in dialogue with experts from the aerospace industry and at the immediate heart of the technological development

A balance between the discussion of future topics and questions of implementation and certification

High interactivity as the basis for an optimal exchange of experience

Modern event technology securing a carefree event process

Conference hotels with a high standard and appropriate touch for high-quality networking

Attractive and industry-relevant event locations with excellent transport connections

Community experience: Evening receptions in exclusive ambiance, joint excursions and site visits

A qualified team of event management experts with more than 15 years of experience

E Learning.

Our eLearning-solutions:
Simple, cost-efficient, legally secure

The regulatory density in the Aerospace sector increases continuously. These changes heighten the risk for companies. Their employees may lack sufficient regulatory norm-knowledge to always act according to the law. Legal, financial, and even existential consequences might be the result.

Aerospace businesses have to train their employees regularly to keep them up-to-date with the developing legal landscape. This requirement causes not only high administrative costs and organizational effort but also takes up the employees’ valuable working time.

Here is where our offer comes into play: The Euveris eLearning solutions. They help your company to be up-to-date in all relevant regulations. We tailor our eLearning courses to your company’s particular needs and link state-of-art technologies with the most advanced methods of knowledge transfer. In such a way, your employees acquire profound knowledge helping them to make legally secure and appropriate decisions in any situation.

Thanks to the eLearning format, your employees can access their learning units in office or on the way, using their time most efficiently. Avoid legal risks and negative consequences in advance – choose Euveris eLearning solutions.

Contact us now and find out more:

Call: +49 (0)30 20 67 15 671


Your career at Euveris Aerospace

Do you share our passion for state-of-the-art technologies? Are you fascinated by the idea of bringing people together, promoting the exchange of knowledge and thereby pushing the boundaries of what is possible further?

Are you looking for a company, which stands out for its experience and durability and offers you room for your ideas? Where the latest technologies, such as BI and AI, support you? Where the close and direct contact with customers enables you to find your way to success? Do you want to network and collaborate with decision-makers, strategists, and specialists from top international companies daily?

Then you found the right workplace:
Euveris Aerospace

Euveris Aerospace is a modern, internationally operating and owner-managed company. Our corporate culture lives by mutual respect and a shared fascination for future technologies. We offer our customers a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge within the aerospace industry. In this way, we help to develop and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

We offer you:

  • Room for the development of your ideas and much responsibility from the beginning
  • An international team with flat hierarchies and regular feedback
  • Fun at work, for example by implementing ambitious international projects
  • Flexible working hours, employer subsidies to company retirement provision and profit sharing for collaboratively achieved corporate goals
  • Certified further education
  • Free drinks in the office, smoothie days, company parties and more

We look forward to getting in touch with motivated, communicative, and imaginative talents with sales- and negotiating skills.

Just call or write to us at:

Call: +49 (0)30 20 67 15 671


The brains behind Euveris Aerospace

Behind Euveris Aerospace stand passionate professionals in the field of further education with more than 15 years of experience. What we love is: To bring people together through knowledge. To help them grow and create something new.

With our customers, we look for new solutions and support them in aligning their business to the challenges of the future while meeting the needs of today.

Christoph Brauner
Managing Director

Tatjana Ivanova
Director of Communications
Phone: +49 (0)30 20 671 5 676